Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Jello, Four Leaf Clover, Masterpiece!

I love surprising the kids! And when it comes to food, I try to make it enticing/inviting to eat.  Their appetites are worse than a bird's appetite.  LOL!  For Saint Patrick's Day, I tried my best to make their breakfast, snack, lunch, and afternoon snack all about the holiday! I went on a hunt for green food, while grocery shopping.  I was going to buy green, pre-made jello cups, but while walking down the jello aisle, I recalled an apple, jolly rancher jello that they've had before and loved.  It's $.69 cents and about 4 minutes of "bake" time. 
I had so much to accomplish after the kids went to bed, that I just couldn't document every single detail.  After the jello gels, remove the dish from the refrigerator.  Using a heart-shaped cutter, cut the jello in the actual dish.  I used a small Pampered Chef spatula to remove the hearts and place them on a dish.  
 Assemble the hearts to resemble a four leaf clover.  
To create the "stem" for your four leaf clover, I used a stem from some spinach leaves I had, but if you do NOT have spinach leaves, I was thinking you could use a fresh piece of grass.
There will be tons of left over jello "scraps".  I don't recommend throwing it out.  I always think of my friend, Erin Carrol, when deciding what to do with left over food. I just placed it in a rubbermaid container for another day.

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