Friday, March 6, 2015

Darren's 38th Birthday Celebration!

It had been several long weeks since Darren and I have been able to go out together, without the kids. Childcare seems to come in ebbs and flows and that's okay, but eventually, I can't take it anymore and I am busting to be alone with my man! I surprised Darren and made plans for a sitter to take care of our kiddos while we went out to a nice, relaxing dinner together. Darren's birthday day was on a Friday.  Since he gets off at noon, on Fridays, we decided to go to Valley View Mall and pick out a few accessories, to go along with our evening attire.  I bought a dress, from Macy's, a few weeks back for our Valentine's Day evening out, but I never wore it.  Darren received a blazer at Christmas, that he's never worn.  PERFECT! All we needed, to complete our outfits, was a necklace, a shirt, and a tie. I am thankful Darren loves to shop with me. I almost ran these errands alone, but it was much more fun running them with my hubby. We ended up with a really fun color scheme: pink, purple, black, grey, and white.
Before we headed into the restaurant, we took a few selfies to document the moment.  I am glad I don't have a selfie stick, but I really do wish we had one for this particular moment.  How else were we supposed to capture this special night?
Birthday kisses!
 I love this man to moon and back!
We chose the most delicious restaurant in Roanoke, Frankie Rowland's Steakhouse.  We typically eat there about once a year.  We try to be good stewards of our money and being Frankie's is pretty pricey, we don't think it's wise to eat there too often. 
YUM! I'm drooling reliving our appetizer.  It's the RARE occasion that Darren will eat ANYTHING FRIED!  Me too, sorta.  I will splurge from time to time, but not Darren. Does it seem odd that we ordered onion rings as an appetizer?  Trust me... if you have ever had them, you would understand why. They have the BEST onion rings I have ever had.
 The birthday boy smiling big next to that Tomahawk Steak! 
 It was a 16 ounce steak.  Can you imagine?
He looks mighty sophisticated and spiffy on his 38th! Dinner was lovely.  We had some very interesting conversations and definitely several laughs.  
We took one more selfie before we headed home.
On the way home, from dinner, Darren and I had a little karaoke fun.  He has NO IDEA I recorded us.  HAHA! Isn't he such a fabulous singer, not to mention so much fun to be with.
After we sent our sitter on her marry way, we headed upstairs.  The room was decorated, a little.  Just enough to show my love.  
Okay, LAST selfie!
I presented Darren with his gifts.  If you are a loyal reader, you saw the gift to the Greenbrier.  I also bought Darren a ...
Nespresso Inissia and an Aeroccino 3 machine.  He LOVES them both! He drinks an espresso at least once a day, now, and has been toying around with the frother, making cappuccinos.  Look out for a separate post on this amazing machine.
AND the next best thing to dinner at Frankie Rowland's is LEFT OVER Frankie Rowland's.  #YUM
Darren, you are my world, my life, my love, my stability, and my happiness.  Aside from salvation, you are the greatest gift God has ever given to me.  He knew how much I needed you.  I am beyond thankful that despite my ugliness, you love me so unconditionally. Especially, in the last 5 years, life with you has been such a fairytale.  Christ is evident in your life and it has blessed our marriage immensely.  My favorite thing about you lately is how much I can tell you sincerely love me. It's so reassuring, comforting, and incredible knowing the sincere love you have for me.  I am your #1 fan!!! I can only hope for, at least, another 38 more years with you.
Happy Birthday "BIG D"!

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