Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An Irish Lunch!

This was the St. Patrick's Day lunch that I packed for the kids today.
Kiwi cut into four leaf clovers.
A "Luck" sandwich. We do not believe in "luck", rather we believe in blessings from the Lord, but this is really the only word that I could come up with that would fit in the sandwich container.  AND for the occasion, it's "fitting".  
Sour Cream and Onion Chips
The four leaf clover is a spinach leaf.  
Dessert: A clover, shortbread cookie, (2) gold chocolate coins, and (3) green jelly bellies.
I apologize for all the sandwich photos.  I took so many pictures of it and I couldn't decide which one I liked the best, so I decided to use most of them in this post. 
I was going to add peanut butter to this bread, but then I decided that would be so difficult.  Instead, I included 6 slices of salami for the kids to enjoy with the bread.  
 Their drink was just a mini bottle of water and a festive straw!

The kids rarely mention their creative snacks and lunches, just because by the time they get home, their busy and on to something else to remember to thank me.  Today was an exception and I don't know why. They loved it all.  Each of them had a different "favorite". This is our form of "Going Green" when it comes to food.  LOL!

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