Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Will You Be My Valentine!

All 3 of my kids worked on their Valentine's Day cards, for their classmates, today.  Each of them have such different personalities.  I could BARELY get Ty to do his cards.  He exclaimed, "This is so lame!" Sniff, sniff. The things that he used to get so excited about, he is slowly caring less about.  Lilah squealed, "OH I REMEMBER THIS!" Meaning, I remember when we did this last year.  And Jax, well he's such a perfectionist, he basically went through a box of 27 cards even though he only had to write out 21.  He was enthused by this task as long as he could write out a card to himself too! Hehe.  No lie.  
 This is the first year that the kids truly took this task over, all by themselves.  I was so proud.  
 They thought it was so much fun to cross off their classmates' names, each time they wrote a card out to them.
 Jax is such a perfectionist that if he messed up, in the slightest bit, he had to start all over.  
I love how they picked out, each card, precisely for each individual classmate, as if they are saying, "I know [so and so] will really like this one!"
Sadly, this is probably the second to last year Ty will E-V-E-R agree to writing out those "waste of money" paper cards and can you believe I FORGOT to snap a photo of him doing it.  He did it in a lickety split! Oh well... next year I will make CERTAIN to snap away.  

I have allowed the kids to pick out the paper cards. I took each of them out, individually, so they wouldn't have any influence over each other, and let them pick out their favorite box of cards.  They filled the cards in today and will pass them out to their friends on Friday. Why was I so kind to give them that control? Well I am so glad you asked!!! The reason being I will be passing out my OWN Valentine's to their classmates too. LOL!  YUP! I am that cheese ball mommy.  Be on the look out for those special creations.  I am not sure anything will top what I did for Ty last year though.  For now, enjoy seeing what each of my kiddos chose to pass out to their friends.
Ty chose "Wacky Wildlife".  It fits his persona to a "T".  The animals look totally adorable and normal, until you move the card... then their eye balls pop out of their eye sockets and they look wacky!
Jaxey chose MONSTER TRUCKS! Oh yea bay-beee!  He would totally be a red neck and listen to country music if we would let him.  Good thing we don't let him. LOL! 9 Monster truck designs to choose from.  They, too, are hologram in nature.
Lilah, oddly enough, chose something NOT so girly.  She chose the Shark ETCH Valentine's for the boys and the Zoo Animal Etch Valentine's for the girls.  She LOVES art, so I think the fact that these cards came with individual stylus pens was a plus to her.
Enjoy a small clip on how Liley's cards work! The cards were so enticing that the kids had to try them out FIRST, before passing them out to their friends.
The sweetest thing was watching the twins write out a card to their teacher, Ms. Dixon.  They knew how to spell her name all on their own.  Lilah took it a step further and put "Ms. Dixon, I LOVE YOU! Love Lilah".  #meltmyheart

Simple, fun, and probably goes directly in the trash can when their peers get home, LOL! I give my kids 48 hours to enjoy them and then I hide throw them out too!!!!

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