Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Water Bottles

It all began today... the filling out of Valentine's Day cards and party prepping.  I have been slowly shopping and planning for over two weeks now.  ANYONE who knows me, knows, aside from the two obvious holidays, VALENTINE'S DAY is my absolute FAV.  
I volunteered to provide drinks for the 4th grade, Valentine's Day "party".  They are a little too old for an actual party, but they are allowed a special snack.  Tyson is not a fan of ANYTHING but water, so that's what he asked me to provide.  I even offered to supply the soft drink "CRUSH" being it's Valentine's Day.  He turned it down.  That would have been so cute and so much easier.  Since water is a tad on the boring side, not very Valentiney, I decided to make my own water bottle labels, add Crystal Light packets, handmade paper straws + hearts.  I love how they turned out.  Take a peak...

Start by taking off all of the original water bottle labels. FYI, I bought 24 water bottles for $2.99 at Kroger.  Unbelievable price!
Then, dress up your water bottle however your little heart desires! We added a special, little, "extra" just incase water isn't quite enough for Tyson's classmates.  I purchased a box of Crystal Light drink mixes at Sam's Club.  I got 44 packets for $7.00.  Not bad!
Basically, I just added a piece of Valentine card stock to the bottle, acting as my "label", glue dotted the drink mix to the water bottle itself, and added a paper straw with a heart embellishment.  
I really think the kids will LOVE this!
The straws came from Michael's Craft Store and the hearts came from the Dollar Tree.  The hearts give the paper straw that extra pop it needed to be FUN!  I punched a hole in the glittered heart and pushed the straw right through it.  Just call me Martha. LOL!
If you signed up to bring drinks, don't be a bore and bring an ordinary Capri Sun! Surprise the students with something a tad more unique. The options for this drink are endless between all of the colors and flavors offered.  The total time it took to assemble these was approximately 30 minutes.  NOT bad. Almost 1 minute per water bottle.
The packets, purchased from Sam's Club, contained 4 flavors.  I just used the pink/red flavors so they would coordinate with the paper. The options were wild strawberry, raspberry lemonade, and cherry pomegranate.  

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