Monday, February 2, 2015

Ty's Basketball Team, The Spurs

I have NOT been doing great with posting the captured photos from my boys basketball games, this season.  ALL 3 of MY BOYS (Darren included:) are on a league and it's just a lot to keep up with.  Basketball is one of those sports that is FAST moving and capturing shots that are NOT blurred or distorted, from the fast action, is difficult.  The Spurs have played 5 games, to date.  The Spurs' record is 2-3 so far. Here are some of the shots that I consider "decent" or worth viewing, given the lighting and movement challenges that I face.  

I will post ALL of the photos below, in a Picasa Web album, and you can see, for yourself, HOW HARD it is to capture such a fast paced sport. I tell Ty, after each basketball game, how proud I am to be his mommy.  He makes me the most proud by the way he excel's on the court/field and at school.  He is so well-rounded and aims to please his coaches and teachers.  It just gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

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