Monday, February 2, 2015

Jax's Basketball Team... Maroon (2015)

This is Jax's 2nd year playing basketball for the YMCA.  He is NOT yet old enough to play like Big Brother, through the Glenvar Youth Boosters, so for now, this is just perfect. Jax never disappoints. He has a great role model in his big brother, when it comes to sports, and daddy is always there teaching him the basics, correcting his mistakes, and cheering him on. Because of Jax's great mentors, I feel like he is at an advantage compared to some of the other players. Jax plays each game with a gigantic smile on his face, but he does take the game very seriously. He is very focused, after all, he wants to win.  The very last game Jax scored over 20 points.  He rocked it!!!!! I love watching him play.  It's adorable seeing his little tongue poking through the sides his cheeks.  
Look at that tongue poking through.
 If looks could kill.  LOL!
There goes that tongue again!
He shoots and SCORES!!!!!!
I love that both of my boys are athletes.  Being on a team is so much more than ONE PERSON shining on the court. Being on a team teaches children about taking the focus off of ME and working together with a group of people. I tell my boys all the time, "There's no I in TEAM!" I remember when my mom would say that to me... I would come back with the smart alec answer and say, "Yeah, but there is a ME in the word team!" and their come backs. Enjoy viewing all of the photos below, in the Picasa Web album, if you haven't seen enough.  LOL! I just posted a few of m y favorites above.

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