Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX (2015)

Super Bowl XLIX 49 has arrived.  Normally, if I make a BIG deal about the Super Bowl, it entails food. Aside from the game and the commercials, isn't FOOD the 3rd most talked about topic regarding this "momentous" occasion? My kids eat the typical children's diet... pizza, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and chicken tenders. Gross! Rather than ordering a pizza or pulling a pizza out of a box, I thought it would be fun for them to make their own little pizzas.  I ran to Kroger and got the kids their own Bobolli mini pizza crusts. They had a blast flipping their pizza crusts and pretending to toss it in the air, like they do at a real pizzeria.  
Aside from the Bobolli crusts, you just need olive oil, pizza sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings.  My kids normally just ask for cheese pizza, but they have recently discovered a liking for pepperoni.  
First, coat the pizza crust with some olive oil.
 Second, spread the pizza sauce.  Be careful NOT to get any sauce on the crust.
 Finally, sprinkle cheese and your favorite toppings.
 Ty got really creative and cut his pepperoni with a scissor.  LOL!  What was he making? 
 Oh.... he turned his pepperoni into a football embellishment for his pizza.
Popcorn: I literally used white out, to paint the football laces onto a brown paper bag. Yup...That's what happens when you want to be a creative at the last minute. You just use what's around.
 Here's the fully cooked pizza.  So adorable!!!! Way to go Ty!!!
Time to eat!
 I did serve some fresh watermelon too!
 That girl and her hand signs/facial expressions! Notice I took out our "faux" turf grass and used it as our table cloth?
 What's for dessert? RING POPS! 
Or Super Bowl Rings!
I told the kids to pose the same way they would pose if they won their OWN Super Bowl rings! Lilah was in shock! Hehe.
 Ty was totally chill!!!!
 Jax was admiring it!
I am thankful that Katy Perry kept the half time show VERY juvenile and appropriate for all viewers.
Of course my little singer/dancer LOVED watching the half time show.
So did I make anything yummy for Darren and I? No, we ordered out.  I did buy a ton of ingredients and had some yummy dishes planned, but we spent most of our day at church and Ty's basketball game, so time was a huge factor. I plan to make everything tomorrow.  YUMMMMM!!! I can't wait because it's HEALTHY, but DELICIOUS!!!!
Will we allow our kids to stay up the entire time?  IF we can stand it.  They are so HYPER!!!!! I would enjoy a little quiet time. How did you celebrate your Super Bowl?  

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