Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For Sale!

Darren and I are making some changes.  Up for sale is our dining room set and our master bedroom set.  If you are interested, please call me at 540.520.1853. 

Our dining room is NEVER used, so we want to make use of the room.  We are turning it into an "office", craft room, homework nook!  I cannot wait to start designing it.  I can't really begin unit YOU buy my furniture :)  IF you are in the market for a dining room set or know anyone who is, please forward this post to them.  The dining room set includes: (1) Table, (6) Chairs, (1) Buffet Table, (1) Wine/Cocktail Chest, (1) Ladder Shelf, and (1) China Cabinet.  The wood is two-toned, table tops being light oak, and the bases being espresso wood.  ALL furniture comes from a local furniture store called Trapezi's.  The rug is from Pottery Barn.  I am willing to sell it, but it is NOT included in the price of the dining room set.  
Our bedroom is just in need of a little change.  It's where the magic happens, LOL, so it's the room that should be the most enticing to enter, right?  Included in this bedroom set is (1) Queen-King Size Foot and Head Board, (2) Night Stands With Two Drawers, (1) Armoire With Three Drawers, (1) Square Mirror, and (1) Dresser With Six Drawers.  Our bedroom looks a little plain, but  it's only because I took off our brown and cream zebra duvet cover so the details of the bedroom pieces could be seen.  ALL of the furniture is from a local furniture store called Grand Home Furnishings.  It actually still exists in their store and the current price of this set is over $10,000.00. Our price is MUCH better than that since it is used. The wood finish is cherry.  
Thanks for spreading the word!!!! Please only inquire if you are interested.  We are located in Salem, VA, for anyone who is randomly reading our blog and is interested, but has no idea where we live!!!

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