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Class Dixon's Valentine's Day Party!!!! (2015)

I hope you enjoy the photos of Class Dixon's Valentine's Day party! (Above): many of the students chipped in between $1-$5 to present Ms. Dixon with a dozen pink roses.  They were beautiful!!! I picked them up right before the party!  

When I arrived, I was a tad early, so I went to the cafeteria and sat with the class before the party got started.  When lunch was over, the students were asking a ton of questions. They were so sweet. One student said, "I remember you from the Frozen Party".  LOL!  I am glad they didn't forget our Winter Wonderland Party.  I began asking the kids how they would feel about having their very own bubblegum machine?!?!?! I told them about the "LOVE MACHINES".  They squealed and squealed and squealed with excitement at the news that they would be bringing home their very own bubblegum machine.  
You can see them filling their machines up.  Each student got ONE big bag of conversation hearts.
They all worked VERY quietly, filling their machines, as Ms. Dixon and I prepared the paint dishes for Craft #2.
Next up, pencil eraser painting!
To some, this craft was fun and to others it appeared to be a little too tedious.  50% of the students took their time and really valued the look of their frame. My guess is that they are possibly the artists of the class. While, the other 50% attempted it and considered it finished after using each color 5-10 times.  LOL!!!! Their attention span was definitely limited. Some of the students below were the ones I felt were very interested and serious about designing/painting their frames!!!
The kids were pretty clean about their painting.  Lilah even had a white jean jacket on and and surprisingly no paint landed on it.  It made my day when I had my back turned to the kids, washing paint off of my hands, and I heard a classmate of Lilah and Jax's say, "Lilah and Jax's mom is the best!!!!!!" Another student replied, "Not uh! My mom is the best!!!!" LOL!  After finishing BOTH crafts, the kids got to enjoy a Valentine's Day snack.  I planned the menu and the parents did a fantastic job bringing everything to fruition. 
Valentine's Day Party Menu
Decorative water bottles with paper straws.  
Thanks Ms. Heather Wells!
They turned out GORGEOUS!!! Alyssa was so proud that her and her mommy worked on them together.
Heart Shaped Dessert!!!
Ms. Katie Weeks LOVES to bake!!! She made these GORGEOUS shortbread, heart shaped cookies.  I just couldn't stop staring at them and they were equally delicious as they were beautiful! She was also kind enough to bring some yogurt tubes too!!
Decorative Heart-Shaped Cheese and Crackers!! Ms. Sarah Perkins made these cute string cheese festive.  
I provided heart shaped strawberries and cucumbers.  
 BEARY sweet Strawberries!
You are my "CUCKEY PIE"!!!
*Ms. Margaret Harris provided Valentine's Day plates and napkins. Thank you Ms. Harris.* I am so sorry I didn't take a picture of them.  AND so many parents also chipped in cash donations for the crafts we did.  THANK YOU BUNCHES!!!!

As if ALL OF THAT was NOT enough excitement for one day, then the kids were able to exchange their Valentine's Day cards! This was the CUTEST thing to witness.  I am SOOOOOOOO glad that Ms. Dixon waited for this to happen towards the end of the school day, so the parents could that attended the party could witness it.
Some were beyond serious about this task, making sure everyone received theirs.  
Some forgot what their cards said and who the cards needed to go to, so they relied on other classmates for help!
Others forgot to put their classmates names on the cards and just raised their hands up, in the air, and exclaimed, "WHO WANTS THIS?" Ms. Deeds and I got a BIG kick out of that one.
It was the most wild Valentine's exchange ever!
"MOM!!! Look what I got!!!"
There were definitely MANY clever Valentine's Day cards.  I was unable to look at them all because I had a hair appointment after the party, but this ADORABLE one (below) totally caught my eye, in class.
The kindergarteners made pouches to place all of their Valentine's in.  Aliyah's card holder was ALLLLL filled up and she was so happy!
Ms. Dixon was very happy to spend this fun day with her students.  I swear I think my two could pass as her biological children.
She went home with these gorgeous 12 roses from all of her beloved students!!!!

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