Monday, February 16, 2015

An Adult Night OUT In Honor Of Valentine's Day!

YAHOO! It's the BEST moment of your life when you can get out WITHOUT children and have a little CHEAP adult fun.  By cheap, I mean, a dear sister in Christ offered her time, as well as a few teens in the church, to keep kids for $5 per kid (not per hour, just per kid) for a 3 hour time frame. Thanks Crystal Lawson, Abrianna, John-John, and Cami.  Our entire small group ceased the opportunity to be able to be together and planned to do dinner and go-kart racing. The weather was just too cold, so we chose to go bowling instead.  

The week leading up to our sextuplet date there were mounds of texts exchanged about what to wear, shoes, hair, make-up, and the like.  Even the guys sent texts back and forth.  They'll deny it, but it's the truth. Our men really do care, they just like to pretend they don't. You could tell we were all really excited about being together without the interruption of the kids.  
I even shopped for a new outfit.  I wound up buying three dresses and one pant suit from Macy's.  I just didn't know which to wear until the last moment.  I even went to the salon and got my hair blown out. It was a partial Valentine's Day gift to Darren. He loves my hair curly, but he enjoys the switch up from time to time.  
 It takes 2.5 hours, in a salon chair, to blow dry and flat iron this horse main! iPhone photos...blah. I thought the photo below was an HAIR-larious photo. Half curly/half straight.
 $70 later, I guess it's worth it.  I don't know.  That seems like an awful lot to just to have your hair straight for a few days.  
We chose a place close by, to where our children were stationed, to eat, Icki Ban. It's very similar to Kabuki where the Japanese Chefs cook right in front of you. When we arrived and waltzed to our tables, we were like an entourage. All eyes seemed to be on us. It wasn't because we are famous in Salem.  LOL! I think we were a tad over dressed for Icki Ban, so you could imagine the looks we got at the Bowling Alley.  Eating at Icki Ban posed for a ton of laughter, fun memories, and good conversation. We each had an opportunity to catch a hot shrimp in our mouths.  Everyone caught it precisely, except for Zach and Dennis. It took Dennis three tries and he eventually caught a DUO of shrimp (two at one time).  We are assuming this is a sign that he and Shannon must be having twins. Zach tried hard to capture the shrimp in his BIG mouth, but his head hit the wall and the shrimp popped out of his mouth.  
Again, we were going to go go-kart racing after dinner, but the temperature was 13 degrees.  TOOO COLD for racing, so we went bowling instead. It was fun!!! Guys against the girls. Below, Darren is impersonating someone and Aaron is quickly amused.  
Below: Just some handsome fellas sporting their bowling shoes!!!
After we picked out our balls and put on our bowling shoes, we waisted no time bowling, BOYS against GIRLS style!
Brett and Jody were not having a very good time, so they decided to fall asleep.  Apparently, they were having more fun in their sleep, while Lisa was day dreaming.
 I wonder if Jody was also bowling while sleeping.  LOL!
BOWLING shoes!
My "Sensational 6".  So blessed to have this many amazing gODLY friends!
3 (third times a charm).
It took three times to try and capture a good shot.  The men weren't being cooperative.  They refused to look at the camera at the same time! I think they think they are funny or something.  Hehe.
Darren and I!
Aaron and Lisa!
If you mess with the camera lady, your photos will get posted.
Nathan and Erin!
Ashely and Zach!
Shannon and Dennis (newly, like 2 days old, expecting parents)  
Brett and Jody!
We were all together from 6:00 pm until 9:30 pm.  It was a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine's Day! We all agreed we need to do this much more often. It's so refreshing, fun, and enjoyable. Love you all!

Ty spent the night out and the twins passed out when we got home. They had such a fantastic time and asked when they could do that again! We had a fun night and a peaceful evening.

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