Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ty's FIRST Day Of 4th Grade!

Ty's First Day Of 4th Grade
It's hard to believe that this kid is already in the 4th grade. Read all about  Ty's First Day Of Kindergarten here or view his sweet face below!
Ty has definitely challenged me in MANY ways, but looking at how handsome he is, in these photos, certainly makes up for it! These photos truly make me smile.
Fourth grade, from what Ty's teacher says, is TOUGH! We all know that tough for the student = even tougher on the parent. I'm very grateful that Ty is a good student, hopefully he will be teaching me instead of the other way around.  LOL!
This year, Ty's backpack and lunch box selection were SOLELY his choice.  You can tell the kids LOVES sports.  He "sported", pun intended, an Elite Jets backpack this year, from Dick's Sporting Goods (online).
And a matching Jets lunch box from Fanatics (also on line).  
His snack bag was chosen by "MUA"!!! Camo - - NOT MY THING, but Ty does love Duck Dynasty and hunting, so I thought he would like this bag.  It was purchased at the Children's Place.  Originally $14.95, but on sale for $5.00 during tax free weekend.  I got a local company to monogram "snacks" onto it.  I think Jax and Ty will enjoy sharing their snack bags.
Ty has the HUGE responsibility of being a great role model for his school.  He is the Vice Present at Ft. Lewis Elementary School.  I am excited to see how this year challenges him both academically, socially, spiritually and physically!!!! It will be an intense year, but I know it is only growing him ONE step closer to life as a husband and father one day!

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