Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NO ONE Really Looks As Good As Matthew Mcconaughey, Not Even Matthew Mcconaughey HIMSELF!

As our family prepares to participate in the much anticipated wedding of the year, Kaitlyn & Shawn's, we are experiencing some angst. What will we wear to the rehearsal? Who will watch the kids during the rehearsal dinner? Will Lilah's flower girl shoes arrive in the mail on time? Will my bridesmaids dress fit? Who's wedding attire needs ironing? What time are our hair appointments? Will Lilah sit still and allow the hair dresser to do an updo on her? Will the twins get to nap before the wedding? Will Tyson, Lilah, and Jax actually perform and fulfill their tasks as ring bearers and flower girl? Will my husband remember all of his dance moves during the groomsmen's dance to "Dirty Pop"? All of these things are miniscule compared to the bride and groom's stresses, I am sure, but still, all is relative to each individuals circumstances, right?

Well... HERE IS MY BIGGEST STRESS for this WEDDING, as superficial as it may seem...
How can something so cute be so ugly sometimes?

WILL MY SON'S RUG BURN DISAPPEAR BEFORE HE WALKS DOWN THE AISLE? WILL MAKE-UP COVER IT, IF NOT! Rug burn???? YOU ASK??? Yes. Rug burn ON HIS FACE. On Monday, Tyson asked if he could have some fruit loops. I said "no". Unbeknownst to me, he rubbed his forehead all the way down the hallway because he didn't like the answer that I gave him. Hours later, his forehead had two harsh abrasions. We spoke to him about how it happened and he told us. But we failed to realize, until a day later, that he is due to be in a wedding and we would like him to be FREE of blemishes on the only part of his entire body that will show flesh. AAAAAHHHHH! NOW WHAT? We are treating it with neosporin, but I doubt it's going to heal before the wedding. Praise God for good photo editing programs. Our family will certainly need some touch ups, but everyone does. "No one really looks as good as Matthew Mcconaughey, not even Matthew Mcconaughey himself." ~ Nick Shaffer.

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  1. oh no!!! i think cohen is a ty in training so thanks for these posts :) he still looks adorable!


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