Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evacuation from Abstinence Party!

Aka bachelorette party!!!!! Yes, good, Christian women can have a bachelorette party for a soon-to-be bride too!!!! Of course ours was a clean one! Mattie did a wonderful job planning Kaitlyn's bachelorette party. It started at a very nice restaurant in downtown Roanoke, called Blue 5.
This is a really alive and yummy restaurant.

We filled our tummy's and enjoyed each other's company. There were a few ladies in the group who made certain there was MUCH laughter taking place.
A group shot, minus the photographer... me! Oh and a few others (Jill and Stephanie). They hadn't arrived just yet.
The decor matched the brides wedding colors.
Allison (bridesmaid) and Jill (long time friend/mentor to Kaitlyn).
I am blessed with the true honor and privilege of being Kaitlyn's Matron of Honor.
Mattie is the Maid of Honor.
Literally these girls are SOBER! Whoever said alcohol is a must to have fun is a liar.
I wish I was a part of whatever it was that was so funny here?
From Left to Right: Molly Carroll, Allison Ward, Kaitlyn Barnette, Mattie Benson, Kaitlyn Graham (BRIDE), ME, Tabby Shelor, Jill Higginbotham, and Stephanie Belcher (GROOM'S SISTER, who just got off work from a nursing shift).

After we left the restaurant, we headed over to Mattie's home where we showered Kaitlyn with all kinds of goodies from panties, to lingerie, to bedroom toiletries. Mattie and Allison made some wonderful cake pops (well, so they say. I was on asugar strike, but they sure did look delicious) and other snacks.
The cake pops were decorated to match the brides color scheme: purple and teal.

There they go again! Still totally sober! I LOVE IT!

Most of the girls spent the night, but a few of us have husbands and children and we had to return home to them. Mattie you did a great job planning this evening for Kaitlyn as she says good-bye to singlehood/abstinence :) Thank you! I am sure Kaitlyn is very thankful.

Kaitlyn, in just a few short days you will no longer be husbandless. I am so happy for you and Shawn both. You're no longer going to be a girl, but instead a WOMAN! I can't wait to hear all about it ;) wink wink!!!

PS. If anyone is interested in seeing pictures of the gift I gave to Kaitlyn, send me a text or email. Being it's a tad R rated, I am choosing NOT to post it on my blog, but I will use my discretion in sharing it with anyone interested in seeing it. I loved the idea and am happy to share it with any married female over 18 years of age :)

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