Thursday, July 25, 2019

One WEEK Left!

This July, our company has released the BIGGEST promo to date, since I have been with the company.  There are only 7 days left to take advantage of this promo before becoming a distributor goes back to the $55.00 fee and no gifts or special deals tagged along with it! Read more to learn what exactly you will receive for joining my girl gang!
You will receive a beautiful "Lip Kit" that will include: a SeneBlue leather case, (6) LipSense colors, (1) Glossy Gloss LipGloss, (1) Goops Remover, a few beauty books, a few glossy gloss samples, and a few disposable applicators.  This is the PERFECT start to begin your little side hustle.  OR if you aren't quite ready to hustle the business yet, take advantage of the $155.00 in product for only $55.00.  Trust me, as soon as you have that license to sell our products, you won't be able to refrain from doing so. 

The LipSense colors are preselected because they are what our company believes are some of the best sellers.  
The colors include: Bombshell, Luv It, Caramel Apple, Bella, Sheer Berry, and Dawn Rising.
There are ZERO gimmicks, ZERO catches, ZERO contracts, ZERO minimums to receive this amazing offer! Just $55.00. Period, end of story!

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