Friday, July 26, 2019

HairCovery Hair Serum Results!

Happy hair days are here to stay! Our company worked for six long years to perfect the greatest, safest, and most effective haircare system on the market. Our CEO did NOT want to release our haircare treatment until it was formulated PERFECTLY.  This is NOT your typical over-the-counter shampoo, conditioner, or serum.  Our products are gluten-free, non-GMO, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalates free, and rinses out quickly.  The serum contains the purest form of peptides that stimulates the hair follicle where the hair grows, causing the hair to grow at a rapid rate.  

This system is especially important for those who are unhappy with their hair thickness, overall health, or the length. BUT, even if you LOVE your hair, this product has our proprietary, anti-aging, skincare built into it and will keep your hair smelling and looking excellent.  

Oh and just incase you are wondering, these products work for ALL ethnicities, MEN & WOMEN, and on color treated hair.

I try HARD to only share BEFORE and after photos of my customers or myself to avoid posting photos of people who have dishonestly used photoshop or any other app to create false before and after photos.  This customer below, is my customer.  Her name is Brooke.  She and I are both blown away at the results of the before and after photos that she took since using the hair serum.  Brooke also uses our HairCovery shampoo!
The hair serum is formulated with nourishing botanical extracts and powerful peptides that help moisturize your scalp.  It is a leave in serum that strengthens hair to return it to its healthiest, shiniest, and most vibrant state.  

Ingredients include capixyl and willow herb extract.  The "capixyl" helps provide fuller, thicker hair. The "willow herb" extract calms and protect your hair against free radicals.  

Feel free to contact me to purchase your own set of HairCovery or click on the link on my home page, "Shop" to shop online!

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