Thursday, July 25, 2019

Food Art!

If you've followed me long enough, you know how much I love to "play with food". My kids love this part about me too.  On occasions, they will say, "Mom can you make us a creative snack!"

On National Ice Cream Day, I let my kids have "ice cream" and bacon for breakfast, with a "cherry" on top! As you can see, each breakfast plate was different.  Some like eggs, some don't. Some like bacon, some like facon. We didn't have cherries so I used a raspberry.
This crips jar of oreos was something I displayed around the house in honor of the fourth of July. Note to self: all the red remain in the jar TILL THIS DAY! Do NOT buy the red velvet oreos. AND NO, I didn't get this from watching the Khardasians.  Who watches that show? I don't.  
When you are running low on food and have to make your hubby eggs and toast on his lunch break, you could at least make it fun.  From drab to fab with VT branded toast.
 The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  Jax made himself some facon the other day and he said, "Mom! Come see if you can figure out what I made."
 While at Kroger, I spotted this adorable "cheeseburger" cake!
I do this a lot more often than you know! It's just part of my "Every little thing is a BIG deal!" mentality! Try it.  I makes eat so much more fun!

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