Saturday, May 25, 2019

Punny LipBoss!

I love PUN gifts. They show that you did't run out last minute, scrambling for anything that doesn't make sense, and that you put a little time, effort, and creativity into a gift. Just another reason I love my role as a LipSense Distributor.  I get to use my other talents for my customers, creating unique gifts!
Above: "Mom You're The Bomb!" I paired our incredibly moisturizing and WAX FREE Lipbalm with a cute tag! 

Below: You are the "Berry Best Mom!" I paired it with our "Strawberry Shortcake LipSense."
We have several items that contain the word "rose".  I found the cutest cups at Target with the word "Rose" on it. I thought offering  a other gift items to go along with our products would be a great way to entice someone to buy a product. I realize sometimes one little tube of something won't seem very impressive or wouldn't be enough, so I am making it easier on the customer and better for the recipient. Putting in that little extra effort for my customers is so worth it. It will set me apart and it will help them to lean on me in a bind! Besides, it's creative.  
The rose products are: Rose Gold Glitter ShadowSense, Rose Gloss, Silver Rose Powder, and Rose All Day LipSense. 
Above: Gift that sweet lady in your life one of our eye makeup products. Tell her that you, "Only Have Eyes For [Her]"! I could easily pair this with some makeup brushes, an adorable cosmetic bag, or her favorite sun shades! The ideas are endless.
Another item that we sell, contains the word "orchid".  It's our orchid gloss.  
I purchased the most beautiful orchid at Target and created a "pun"/tag that reads, "I'm glad to be 'Y'orchid". Get it, YOU'RE KID!?
Looking for a teacher gift? I have a ton of fun ideas.  Below is just one that I created for my neighbor, in a pinch, for her son's preschool teacher.
Kelly wanted to gift to her our amazing hand cream! I created a printable that read, "I was in good [hands] having you as my teacher!"  Both momma and teacher have already messaged me. They LOVED it.  
Next up, one of my good neighbors purchased our brand new hairspray for her BFF.  She had been inquiring about it and her birthday was the perfect reason to gift it to her. I created a special tag/pun to go make the presentation a little bit more fun!
Throughout the Summer months, I will be sharing ALL of my punny creations.  Let me know if you would like me to put something together for you.  It makes the gift that much more exciting to receive.  The options are endless.  I don't charge for the creations (ie. the time it takes me to design and create the tag). Not yet at least, haha, AND I ship for free as long as your shipping is under $4.99.

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