Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Birthday Twins' BIG Gifts!!

So aside from the trip to Universal Studios, WHICH was supposed to be Lilah and Jax's birthday gift (but that's always hard to stick to), they each received a BIG gift and then some little gifts. We always try to make everything financially "Even Steven".
Jax was begging and begging for an Xbox.  Yes... he already has a Playstation 4, so personally I did NOT quite get the point of having two competing gaming systems.  Plus these bad boys aren't inexpensive and they require mounds of other "needs", like an Xbox Live subscription, games, a headset, and controllers at the very minimum. BUT Jax NEVER asks for A THING and his entire reason for asking for this was so that he could interact with his friends. So... Jax's BIG gift was an Xbox and a brand new headset.  The console came with a controller and the game he desired.Lilah was asking for a bunny, a puppy, and some ridiculous sweatshirt that I refused to buy.  Anyone know the couple on TikTok that has had the on again off again relationship? She apparently keeps up with it and wanted their "merch", but I didn't like the look of it or what they were doing on it, so I said "NO!" I spent days agonizing over whether or not to surprise her with a cell phone.  I even went into Verizon and started discussing my options and costs, but deep down inside I was TOTALLY against giving my fourth grader a cell phone.  I also didn't think it would be fair to give her a cell phone in 4th grade when Ty didn't get his until 6th grade.  I was strolling through HomeGoods and out POPPED TWO GORGEOUS bedding sets.  One from Kate Spade, who we all know and love, and the other by Nicole Miller. I could NOT decide on which one to pick and wanted to give Lilah options, so I bought both, knowing ONE would be going back.  That started my endeavors of collecting things to color coordinate with the theme/color scheme she and I had already been discussing.How in the world did I forget that we wanted to redo her room? It's time!!!! This was the PERFECT time to gift her some "needs" and turn them into "wants" as well.Lilah desires to switch her room to a black, white, and gold theme, so these beddings sets were AMAZING and totally fit the MOLD of her request.  Each bedding set came with a few accent pieces.  The Nicole Miller set came with two cute throw pillows.I could not and did not resist the wall art below, from Hobby Lobby. "A girl without freckles is like a night without starts!" One of my absolute favorite features about Lilah is her freckles and her daddy loves them most, so I let Darren gift this wooden sign to her.
Another request that Lilah had was to replace all of her unicorns with pineapple stuff.  Sigh... we have so many gorgeous and nice unicorn pieces.  If you are in the market for unicorn items, please contact me. I would be willing to sell it all for one LOT price.  I was BEYOND exuberant when I spotted this GOLD pineapple. It could NOT been any more perfect and definitely fulfilled Lilah's desires: gold and pineapples.  I also LOVED the wall art below, "A SMILE is the prettiest thing you can wear!" I loved this saying for two reasons: 1. I always tell this to Lilah. When she is grumpy, I always say, "You can be dressed to the hilt and have the perfect, painted face, but if you don't smile, you will be ugly looking!" 2.  As she enters into the preteen stage, I thought it just fit  this time in her life and wouldn't definitely work into her teen years as well.I grabbed these rose gold sheets while they were available.  I absolutely love mixing and matching patterns together.  I am a total "eclectic decorator" lately.  And then how precious is that rose gold, HEART cork board?Lilah was so  besides herself, as was I honestly.  I had all of these sweet visions for her room, using one of the two bedding sets, but after opening up the bedding and try it on her bed... I decided to return BOTH sets.  I know. Bummer right? I told her we will keep looking and try to find bedding that is better quality. These sets just felt really thin and were nearly as cute on the bed as they were off. I did keep the pineapple, cork board, furry pillow, wall art, and sheet set for inspo.  I think we can make those accessories work as long as "black, white, and gold" bedding is purchased.You can see their reactions in the below video.  I'd say pretty priceless and EPIC.

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