Sunday, March 17, 2019

Dance Machine PRO Competition - 2019

Lilah had two competitions back to back, within two weekends.  This time, the competition was local and was through  Dance Machine PRO. The competition was held at the Civic Center.  We had an early call time, 9:49 a.m.  Her first dance was at 10:49 a.m. "Call time" means that she has to be at the Berglund Center and READY to go, by that time, just incase they are running early.  We arrived promptly.  

I was pretty much chop liver because this was the first weekend my boys didn't have a basketball tournament and they were able to finally come out and support Lilah in a competition. Lilah was on cloud 9 to have the "men" in her life there. Just a little side note, aren't they so stinking handsome? I know I am bias.  
 Lilah competed in her first dance and she was nothing but smiles when her brothers came to hug her afterwards.  
In between dances we had time to run to get a quick bite to eat.  AND BY QUICK, I mean the traffic was so bad we could only run through two drive thrus and eat in the car.  Yes, two! Can't we all just agree on the same place? Sigh... LOL!  
Lilah's next call time was 12:05 p.m.  We arrived at 11:55 p.m. and she was not yet in costume.  Upon walking up the stairs, I hear by one of the dance teachers "We are being called in one minute!" HUH!!!??? You should have see the panic in our area.  NO ONE was ready, not everyone had even arrived, one dancer was crying because she didn't even have her makeup on yet.  The dance wasn't supposed to be until 1:05 p.m. The competitions were running way ahead of the game.  Fortunately, that didn't end up being the case.  Lilah was ready anyway, minus a costume change.
I was so pleased with the outcome at the awards ceremony. The Adjudicated awards are given out as follows: Power Platinum (282-300), Platinum (270-281), Elite Gold (261-269), High Gold(250-260), and Gold (250 or less). Lilah's HipHop team danced to SuperSonic by JJ Fad and was awarded the following:
POWER PLATINUM (whoop, whoop) AND 3rd place over all, out of her all of the dance entries. This team keeps on taking home the best scores. I believe they are doing a great job and Ms. Sammi is an excellent teacher. I am not sure what all goes into the judging, but I believe the song selection has A LOT to do with the way a judge receives the dance, even if song selection is not considered when judging the dance itself.  
Lilah's next dance was her SuperGroup Dance performed by ALL of the competitive dancers at Divine Dance that paid for and wanted to be a part of that dance.  It's age groups ranging from 8/9 - 18. The dance is called Dance TV and it is an 80's themed dance, with 80s themed music. As you can see from the photo below, the Super Group Dance won Power Platinum AND they are taking home the largest trophy and titled "Regional Grand Champions" for the large group dance.  
Aside from Lilah's "Bull Buddy", Elizabeth, Lilah has really enjoyed these older dancers.  She has nicknames for them both... I've since forgotten them.  LOL!
Three dance competitions down and one to go! Next time Lilah competes, it will be at Nationals, in July, at Virginia Beach. It is THEN, that I can share VIDEO footage of her dances.  I cannot wait.

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