Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"GOOD LUCK" Dance Gift!

I was racking my brains trying to design a great dance gift and nothing was satisfying me. So instead... I utilized the holiday that is right around the corner, St. Patrick's Day, and designed the prettiest gift basket for our weekend in Charlotte for the Hollywood Dance Jamz Convention/Competiton. The basket was all about "GOOD LUCK". Okay, so I do not think the right terminology is "Good Luck!" I think saying that is actually "bad luck", but since I don't believe in LUCK, but rather JESUS.... I proceeded with my dance gift for BOTH Lilah and her "Bull Buddy", Elizabeth. 

Each item had to be either green, rainbow, gold, four leaf clover-ish, and/or St. Patrick's day in nature.  
Here was what I put inside:

Along with a pair of earrings for each of them and some PERFECTLY worded hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works!
Lilah received the pair above and Elizabeth received the pair below.  
"Oh I wanna dance with some BUNNY!"
My girl woke up to a sweet surprise.  She expected NOTHING and was so impressed and touched.  She said, "Mommy you are so creative and you think of everything!"I had three more gifts, which I did not include in the gift basket, but that I present to them. One of the gifts was a perfectly worded gift card to everyone's favorite place, Starbucks. "You're my lucky charm!" I spotted a pair of darling, rainbow slipper socks from Old Navy. Just PERFECT for a few nights in a hotel, right? And inside the wrapped gift was a BEAUTIFUL piece of art (artist unknown) that I saw on a SeneSister's facebook page and I had to snag it.I thought it was the PERFECT explanation of how WITH CHRIST we can have all of the right thoughts about ourselves OR we can listen to Satan's awful/mean ways we so often think of ourselves too.  Perfect for a dancer!I didn't put together a LARGE basket of goodies for Ella, but I didn't want her to feel entirely left out, so I collected a few items for her that were put in both Lilah's and Elizabeth's baskets. I failed to, however, pack a basket for her items.  I was DESPERATE for a way to make her few goodies look cute.  See what I did, below, in a bout of desperation. Haha.   

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