Sunday, March 17, 2019

Dance Gifts!

Another dance competition means another "Bully Buddy" dance gift.  I was very prepared this time because I was on the HUNT for this competition at the same time I was on the hunt for last competition. In the Summer, before each dancer is given a Bull Buddy, the dancers are ask to fill out a questionnaire about their LOVES and FAVS.  Lilah's Bull Buddy, Elizabeth, wrote that she LOVES HedgeHogs.  So I had my eyes pealed for HedgeHog items.  Above: I found the cutest hedgehog mug at Five Below, only $5.00.  She may not be a coffee drinker, but it will be perfect for hot cocoa.  

Below: I spotted this canvas hedgehog bag in the Micheal's Craft Store check out line.  I loved that two hedge hogs were holding hands.  It reminded me of Elizabeth and Lilah.  Elizabeth is an EXCELLENT artist.  I thought she could either put her art supplies inside or her LipSense collection that we have gifted to her, at a previous competition.
HedgeHog socks!
And a gift certificate to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods.  I loved that the actual gift card had the words "YAY" on it and it was spelled onto FIRST place ribbons!
Lilah's Bull Buddy gifted Lilah a beautiful bouquet of GREEN candy along with an adorable pair of St. Patrick's Day socks. This was a small take off to the gift we blessed her with the weekend before BUT I LOVED it and it was PERFECT because St. Patrick's Day is TODAY. She is sticking CREATIVE AS I'll GET OUT.  I wish I had a photo of the socks, but Lilah had already ripped them off of the vase and was sporting them after her second dance.
 I do love this buddy system.  It is really encouraging to the girls and it gives them a smooth way to get to know the older dancers and feel that connection.

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