Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Oh The Places They'll Go! - Trip Reveal

My twinsies turn a decade old on March 25th.  Lately, I am ALL about collecting moments, not things. Time is traveling fast and although I am exhausted and ready for a slower pace, I am finally at the stage where I am NOT ready for my kids to grow up. Clearly, it's too late ahem.... 10.  My children are very blessed and by blessed I mean beyond measure. So, rather than spending countless hours planning a party and spending ungodly amounts of money to host a party... Darren and I deiced to celebrate the twins in a mightier way. We decided to travel to a vacation spot ONLY Darren and I have been to before. So, this experience, is a NEW experience.  
My time to plan a trip reveal was VERY limited.  I tried to utilize ETSY, Pinterest, Google, and YouTube to jumpstart some ideas, but I was left with NOTHING, NUNCA, NADA, ZERO, ZELCH.  If there was ANYTHING at all, it was boring and definitely NOT creative.  Our Disney vacation reveal was so over the top amazing that I had to make certain this reveal was equally as good.  So, I went to town using the talents the Lord has blessed me with. I had to literally invent the wheel, and I mean from total scratch.  
First, I explored Universal Studios online MAP to see what ride themes they offer.  I chose to RUN with the Dr. Seuss theme since my twins remind me of "Thing 1 & Thing 2". I also based the reveal/gift off of the book, "Oh The Places You'll Go!" because well.... OH the Places They'll Be Going for their special day! I absolutely LOVE the way the poem turned out.  I incorporated all of those important words related to twins (clone, 2, twin, Thing1 and Thing2).  AND just so you don't think this is so random and has NOTHING to do with Universal Studios XXX wrong... there is a section of Universal Studios called "Seuss Landing".  We must for SURE visit that section. It will bring me back to the day when our twins celebrated their 4th birthday.  The theme, Thing1 and Thing 2. Here are some older posts you all can revisit to see how much we have cherished celebrating these kiddos and these characters:  "Dr. Seuss Dress up", "Day 2: Dr. Seuss Dress Up", "The Cat In The Hat Birthday Party" and "The Cat In The Hat's Party Food" are just a few posts that I have done.  Feel free to use the SEARCH bar, on the home page of our blog, to find more posts.
It was somewhat easy to rhyme the details out.  I was so pleased with the end result.  I uploaded the image to Sam's Club Photo Center and printed a 16x20 poster board and (2) 8x10s of this image (for the twins to hold on to and use as a keepsake).  Please do yourself a favor and ONLY USE SAM's CLUB for photos and photo gifts. It's so stinking affordable.  
I had so many grandiose ideas and every single one of the came to complete fruition.  I just cannot believe how faithful the Lord is to me during these times when I am down to the wire and running low on energy.  I am also so thankful for COFFEE and people who keep good secrets.

I will separate some of the details out in different posts, but in this post I want to share the "Set Up" that was waiting for the twins to arrive home. I played Dr. Seuss music on our Amazon Alexa.  
When the twins first walked in, they had no knowledge of what was going on and just seemed to be walking like normal.  They truly just thought mom was playing some loud, wacky music. You can begin to see the confusion, shock, and excitement on their faces and they walked further and further into the house.  It all happened so stinking fast that the still photos are awful.  Oh well. Thank goodness for videography.
Above: YES! I was already in my pjs. I took the hardest class ever, at the YMCA today, and my entire body was on fire/sore and I was ready for bed YET, I am still up.  Below: I LOVE the excitement witnessed in this photo.  
You can see the twins' reactions to us telling them them reading WHAT and WHERE they are headed! I love how they are twins, but yet ONE of them laughed and one of the cried at the glorious news.  Hehe. That is so typical of girls vs. boys.  
Incase you missed it... Lilah expressed that her tears were tears of "JOY"!
Lilah and Jax took turns reading the riddle.  
I thought I would share more tonight, but I am falling on my face tired. I've been up since 4:00 am and I ran so ragged, had my apple watch been one, I bet I walked 25,000+ steps today. I promise to do my best to post at least ONE MORE time before we leave for our trip. I still have so much to do though. I'm really excited to share what was inside the Thing 1 and Thing 2 boxes though and where I got the cute wigs and emblems on the box.  

I am so thankful to have my mom because she will be house sitting and taking care of our fur kids. Without her, this trip would NOT be possible. She's the next best thing to caring for our dogs.  She takes care of them better than some humans take care of other humans.  

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