Friday, February 23, 2018

Valentine's Day ~ 2018

Darren and I started a new tradition, years ago. We celebrate Valentine's Day with our kids FIRST and then wait for the best time for us, as a couple, to celebrate. I love finding unique things to show my love for them.  Starting with the cute card above, Jax received that and all of the below. Each kid received a $25 amazon gift card. I made the printable and I will be sharing it on the blog soon!
 A framed photo of his favorite Dallas Cowboys player.
Jax also received a cute pair of boxers and an outfit, but he had it on the day I took photos of everything.  
Each kid received a gummy pizza to replace the heart shaped box of chocolates.
Ty received this card and...
A red polo.
A framed photo of one of his favorite Steeler's football players. Along with all of the other items mentioned above.
Lilah Received...
Each kid received a heart-shaped ring pop.
"Be The Light" journal.
A "Fluffy Slime" kit.
A fun pen.  Every time you click on it, it says something different.  It's kind of like an 8 ball in pen form.
"Life Is Sweet" cup.  LOVE THIS! The sprinkles shake and make noises.  
Scented, macaroon cookie, bath fizzers.
And of course all of the other items mentioned above too (Amazon gift card, gummy pizza, etc). I always blind fold my kids, make them wait until the count of 3, and then, they all turn around and look at their gifts. 
I got the best reaction when they opened the gummy pizza.

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