Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Candy Bouquet!

Lilah's opening night ARRIVED!!! It was so anticipated and we were so ready to watch her perform in her first debut!  What would I give her on opening night after she finished? I know my daughter well enough, AND really ANY KID for that matter, to know that flowers would only excite her momentarily.  THEN, they are a burden, a responsibility, and... quite frankly a waste of money because they die. Don't get me wrong... flowers are gorgeous.  I love God's creation of a flower, but I think flowers should just remain on a table, in the ground, or in the most necessary times, used for weddings and funerals.  

CANDY is a HUGE favorite in our home. Not by me, but by my children.  SO... I scouted the local stores for UNIQUE candy items and/or Lilah's favorite candies.  Some of the candies below she had never tried.  Some she only gets to have on occasion.  
I taped a lollipop stick to the back of each pack of candy! Then, I inserted the stick into a cylinder shape piece of foam, just as you would arrange flowers into a vase.
I inserted a printable that read, "Lilah, Break A Leg! Love Daddy & Mommy"
I almost forgot to take pictures of the finished product, so these photos aren't the greatest.  I took these outside of the restaurant our family was eating at, right before the play started.  LOL!  Talk about last minute.  Lilah's expression when we handed the candy bouquet to her was BEYOND priceless.  She was so impressed AND so were the rest of her castmates.  The younger ones were slightly jealous.  LOL!  As their eyes bugged out, even one exclaimed, "Is that for US?" I felt so bad that I had to say, "No honey! It's for Lilah!" Eeeeek! The next few plays, I saw parents arriving with store bought candy bouquets from Kroger. I felt flattered that both the parents and castmates loved my idea.

When giving a gift, really consider who you are giving it to and what they love.  Be UNIQUE.  Be INTENTIONAL.  Don't just give the ordinary. 

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