Monday, February 19, 2018

Lori Burt...

Where have you been all of my life!!!? O.M.GEE. Ya'll, about a week ago, I was "@", on Instagram, from a friend who knew how much I would LOVE to win a contest that "lbprojectprint" was having! I had never heard of Lori Burt, but I didn't have anything to lose. Truthfully, I don't even recall seeing the details about WHAT I would win because I could only focus on those cute, lip paperclips that she was giving away.
Days prior, I had just rushed off to Target after a SeneSister of mine spotted them, in her town, at Targer. Sadly, no lips paperclips were found.  
My sister, who is also a SeneSister, and I, just days prior to winning, had an in depth conversation about how OUR contest, raffles, and giveaways are REAL, but we were skeptical of others who throw contests. We just assumed it's a deceptive ploy to gain followers. However, when it comes to LIP items, of any sort, I am not passing up an opportunity to at least TRY & WIN!

AND THEN... Lori Burt did a InstaStory, showing the winner, and the WINNER was ME! [Insert shocked emoji face HERE].  

Again, I thought I "just" won the adorable collection of items above.  BUT then... I realized, I also won a mini print of MYSELF designed and illustrated by Lori.  I was also able to share this WIN with a friend.  I chose my sister because I knew she'd greatly appreciate these girly lip items as well.  
I became pretty obsessed with this look IMMEDIATELY. I needed MORE than a mini print... I couldn't stop there. Lori Burt and I decided to collaborate together. In addition to what I had already won, Lori blessed me with an additional pdf file which included my very own Facebook Header (shown above), a profile graphic, a 4x6 thank you card, and the actual illustration for me to use! I'd LOVE to use Lori to rebrand my company eventually. I am looking into this on my 1-year anniversary, in April. 
Working with Lori was SIMPLE.  She is ON TOP of it.  Even though this was a giveaway, she treated it as if I was paying for it! She finished my print in less than 24 hours.  All I had to do was send her a photo of myself and my sister.
If you desire an illustration of your own, contact Lori, and PLEASE tell her that I referred her to you!!
I mean, every LIPBOSS needs an LBProjectPrint. Check Lori out HERE, to learn more about her talents, her business, and all of the products that she has to offer.
I have several LipBoss outfits that I would LOVE to have drawn up and of course we have 57 shades of LipSense (currently), so the options for notecards and personal images are endless. I've been telling my hubby for years, "If I could go back in time, I would go to college to be a graphic designer, chef, or baker!"  I will live vicariously through Lori. LOL! I am slightly "jelly" that I don't know how to do something like this. Lori, thank you kindly for EVERYTHING.  I look forward to either collaborating again or doing business with you in the very near future. P.S.  Now, it's your turn to try LipSense. Hehe.  

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