Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Elf On The Shelf - Day #9

"This is how I roll!"
Ahhhhh!!! There's SO MUCH to say about this visit from the Elves.  First off, a gender neutral bathroom is IMPOSSIBLE to decorate as your kids get older.  It's even THAT much HARDER to keep it clean.  Lilah, surprisingly, keeps the bathroom very clean, for now.  I am sure when the make-up and hair start being done, on her own, it will be a nightmare.  Hopefully, by then, we will have built our dream home and moved, allowing her her own bathroom. But my boys, UGH.  I just can't take the pee.  It goes anywhere and everywhere BUT the toilet bowl.  Jax blames Ty.  Ty blames Jax.  Short of putting a video camera in the bathroom and violating their privacy, I can't really blame one particular person.  AND THEN... can we just talk about the toilet paper rolls?  WHY do the empty rolls NEVER go in the trash can, NOR do they get replaced. AND don't blame it on the fact that I threw OUT their bathroom trashcan UNTIL they are old enough to use it properly.  I started saving the empty rolls for weeks and weeks leading up to Christmas.  I had a BETTER idea, for how to use the empty rolls, that would TEACH my kids a lesson and really drive the message home about what to do with an empty roll, but quite frankly, I was SOOOOO tired of saving them.  Soo......
Instead... our elves put them to great use.
Our elves toilet papered the kids' bathroom and left multiple, funny bathroom signs.
"Put a lid on it!" 
"You don't know what you've got till it's gone!"
And my favorite... "Text if you run out of TP.  I know your on your phone!"
"Flush it.  Flush it REAL GOOD!" Although these are certainly FUNNY messages, I am truly hoping they will follow these suggestions from our elves.
In keeping with their KINDNESS, the elves also left the kids a cool bathroom gift.
Have you heard of the illumibowl? After attaching the link, I noticed that these items received 2 stars.  Eeeekkk.  I bet I know why! We are already on our second set of this item because it fell in the toilet.  Fortunately, Bed, Bath, and BEYOND is so generous with their return policy and allowed us to exchange it.  Ewe... I know.
This item was featured on the Shark Tank.  The company says, "Liven up your bathroom with the IllumiBowl Everyday Toilet Night Light Protector. This light fits on the rim of any toilet and features 4 different images that illuminate the inner bowl including the poop emoji, a target, a flower, and a fish."
I am hoping this creates the "PEE EVERYWHERE but in the bowl" problem to be resolved.
Well.. the elves seemed to be out of paperwork, so their job was finished.  And so was mine! Well... not really.  I had to clean this bathroom up, from BOTH the toilet paper and the PEE that was everywhere.  This is ONE job I will NOT miss when my kids grow up.
If photos aren't enough, I took some videos of the mess.  See below.

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