Thursday, January 4, 2018

Elf On The Shelf ~ Day #10

On day #10, the elves arrived bearing gifts, along with a Christmas tree surrounded by a train!! They also implied that our kidsplay a game of "Dirty Santa".  
They even left "mini" directions!
There were (3) wrapped gifts. Our kiddos were asked NOT to touch the gifts otherwise, the gift they touched, was the gift they had to keep.
This was a school day. Ty, Lilah, and Jax decided to play "dirty Santa" while I was setting out breakfast, so I was unable to capture the moment. However, below are the (3) wrapped gifts that our elves brought.  All elf-ish in nature, of course.
A deck of cards (above).
A solar elf (below).
Tic Tacs (elf-style).
In a sense, waking up to find this seems so exciting, but I can't deny, it has a hint of creepiness to it.  A running train that didn't exist before bed? LOL!

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