Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year's Eve! ~ 2017

Since I am writing this post, AFTER New Year's Eve, I'd first love to wish ALL of my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  For years, we didn't really do too much on New Year's Eve because well... we were parents of VERY young children, who didn't get it and had a bedtime.  On a few occasions, we were able to go out to a nice dinner with our small group or to a special friend's home, but as the kids got older and realized what NYE was, we have chosen the safer route, by staying home and celebrating with our kiddos. I think it was just over the last three or four years that I chose to try and make it a little special.  
I collected some adorable decorations from Target and other stores.  With no major plans in place, I began decorating!
We had party hats, beads, party blowers, napkins, and faux champagne, glitter glasses.
I also made a fun countdown "clock" with white balloons.  
All that is needed to create the countdown clock is white balloons, packaging tape, a free digital clock printout from the internet, and either black paper or white paper and black paint.  Blow up the balloons.  Stick the balloons in a circular motion by using the packing tape.  Print out and cut numbers 1-12.  I used foam board and black paint to create the clock "hands". Finally, tape numbers to balloons and wala!
I planned for champagne with floating gummy bears.  So fun!
We made it until about 11:40 p.m., but then we moved our party up to our bedroom.
Sadie didn't seem thrilled to enter the New Year.  I joked and said, "Maybe it's because she eats the same thing 365 days a year!"
And my Heidi Swapp letter board, below, screams volumes about HOW MUCH I cannot stand New Year's Resolutions. People!!!!!! Just make yourself better when you feel convicted, feel fatter, when it's needed, when it's wanted etc, etc, etc... Don't wait until December 31st to make changes.  My husband's FAMOUS line, "Start your someday I wills... TODAY!"
I do LOVE a fresh start.  A new year.  I have even been told that a new year is like writing a new book.  I pray the way your NEW YEAR begins and ends creates a great novel!
Here are a few videos I was able to document or saved on accident.  I posted so many cute instgram stories, but forgot to save them... I am hoping I can find the archive and post them below when I find them.  

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