Thursday, January 4, 2018

Free Deliveries and Shipments!!!

Did you know that I am willing to deliver and/or SHIP your purchases for free?
Over Christmas, I used this adorable red, sparkle, Christmas truck for my deliveries (insert giggle here).  
No seriously... I had MULTIPLE hubbies take advantage of this over Christmas.  I met one hubby at his home, while he was babysitting caring for his children.  He even tipped me $5.00.  HAHA.  I thought that was so sweet and of course unnecessary.  I also delivered two purchases to husbands' workplaces: one being Allstate and the other Interstate batteries.  If you live out of state and are hesitant to use me as your limbos - out of fear the shipping costs will be out the window... please consider the "COST" - - there is NONE. It's FREE for everyone!!!

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