Monday, August 14, 2017

Glenvar High School Cheer Camp - 2017

Every year, for three years, Lilah has joined her cheer team at Glenvar High School for 3 days of cheerleading camp.  The camp is "put on" by the Glenvar High School cheerleaders.  It is one of their fundraisers.  
Lilah enjoys it every year!
This year, Lilah was able to be taught by some of her favorite "older girls": Cami and Taylor, who go to church with us.  We have known them since Ty was 4 years old (almost 9 years).  It's so hard to believe.  
I have also gotten to know so many of the High School Cheerleaders, thanks to social media OR other various ways!
She takes this so serious and concentrates so hard, you can barely see how happy this camp makes her.  
The highlight of Lilah's cheer camp nights were when the cheerleaders would hold her high in the air and let her fall back.  It gave momma a slight heart attack, but she was in good hands.
At the end of the week, they perform three cheers and one dance in front of all of the parents.  BELOW: Lilah's cheer squad performs.  I took this footage with my iPhone, so I apologize for the poor quality.  
I also brought all of my lipsense, one night, and offered the cheerleaders an opportunity to test it out.  
Afterwards, these two cheerleaders, Brooke and Lexi, sent me a "wow" video... hehe.  LOVE IT!

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