Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Am a Christ Follower, Wife, Mom, & Boss

In that order... it's what I am! 
Christ Follower: My role in life is to do all things to glorify my Heavenly Father.  Everything else should come second and should align properly with what the Lord calls me to, do as a servant of His. Some days, I fail greatly. Thank you Jesus for grace. Other days, I am thankful I have His word to rest on and I know/believe it's what truthfully the ONLY thing that gives me the ability to walk in His loving kindness, strength, humility, and righteousness. I cherish the gift it is to be called a daughter of the King. And I try to share the good news with many who I come in contact with, in various ways. To find out exactly what I believe and what our home stands for click here

Wife: I love being a wife to Darren. We are high school sweet hearts and were married in Paradise Island, Bahamas. He is my stability outside of Christ.  He is a HUGE gift to me in so many ways.  He loves me in ways I never knew a man could possibly love his wife.  He loves the Lord.  He is so dedicated in everything he does.  He is a hardworker.  My favorite quality about him is his integrity & passion in all that he does.  Those qualities are hard to come by these days.  If there is ANYONE you can trust, it's him.  There are too many awesome physical traits that he contains (I'll spare both him you the embarrassing ones, like a cute tush and luscious lips, haha) but his smile always steals my heart.  His laughter is contagious.  

Mom: I am a momma to three kids: including a set of boy-girl twins.  My role as a mother has certainly sanctified me. I am growing more and more everyday.  I am not perfect, so I try to learn from my mistakes. I rest in God's grace and count new days as an undeserved gift for sure.  I try NOT to compare my mothering to other moms because comparison is a thief in disguise.  I love my kids the way that it feels right.  I discipline them unto the Lord.  I raise them to fear the Lord and hopefully, one day, they will.  I know parenthood is a blessing, even though some days, I consider running away.  LOL! Regardless of the hard times, I cherish and love all of those sweet, funny, special times even more.

Boss: I am a LIPBoss.  I became a lipboss in April.  Anyone who has been following my journey with SeneGence, knows I sell it because I love it.  I don't love it because I sell it.  All of their products are AH-Mazing. I can say that because I have currently tried 90% of everything that they offer. Everything we offer is LONG-Lasting. Once applied, you are golden for the rest of the day.Their products are also anti-aging and they work to improve damage, already caused to your skin, by free radicals such as the sun. SeneGence's goal is to provide long-lasting, all natural, products with the best compensation package for their distributors. To become a lipboss is EASY.  The cost is $55.00: no kits, no hidden fees, no parties necessary.  The BEST PART about taking the chance and becoming a distributor is this...

IF YOU DECIDE to end your journey with SeneGence (and you won't, trust me).... our company buys back EVERY SINGLE ITEM you still have in stock... less a 10% restocking fee.  

SAY WHAT!?!?! It's true.  So, contact me for more details.  I'd love to have you on my team. This role has allowed me focus on my role as a mommy, but it also provides me with a fun, flexible, working position of meeting other women, sharing these great products, and even speaking of my love for the Lord, all while talking about make-up.  

And well... that's me in a nutshell... Christ Follower, Wife, Mom, & BOSS!

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