Monday, June 12, 2017

Daily Responsiblities!

Welcome to "La Casa De Bolling". Haha. It's not quite the hotel my kids probably wish to stay at, but they could always choose to find a new home!? Seriously, my kids actually LOVE this and were asking, actually begging for it as soon as school let out. Everyday, I slip our scripture passage for the week AND daily responsibilities underneath their bedroom door. When they wake up, they each know what is expected of them. We all thrive off of structure and routine in our house. Besides, life is NOT about staying in your pajamas all day long. You saw the "Bored" sheet and scripture sheet yesterday... Today, I finished their chore list for MONDAY! Like what you see? I inserted a template for you to use and fill in for your own kids.  

Below: First up, Ty's chore list.  Each shape earns each child 30 minutes of electronics time. If they complain or do the "shape" incorrectly, then no electronic time is earned.  The "BORED" spot earns them ONE hour of electronic time.  WOW!!!!  The "bonus chore" earns them 15 extra minutes of electronics OR a cash reward at the end of the week.
The below template is for ME to use daily/weekly.  I will just add to the diamond daily/weekly, but everything else will always remain the same.  
Jax's Monday chores... I have since added brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and devotional to the sheet because I failed to do so on these.  
Lilah's Monday chores... I have since added brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and devotional to the sheet because I failed to do so on these.   
The below template is FOR YOU! Fill in the blanks, using your own pretty handwriting OR insert a text box and type it in.  
I started doing this two Summers ago when I realized how long the days were and how much room there is for boredom and arguing to set in. We did start a new addition titled "BORED"? Today is the first official day we started this for Summer 2017. We have a little bit of kinks to work out.  One, in our home, are staying positive and working hard to get ALL of the above done, therefore "banking" their electronic time to be used at the end of the day.   One has rushed through it and missed things on their list or have had to redo things on their list, creating tears and frustration. And one is taking it in strides, completing ONE shape at a time and choosing to use their reward immediately.  Each day will look different because somedays we will have plans or we will be going to the gym.  Deep breaths, lots of prayer, and loads of patience will be necessary to get through this. LOL!  It's spelled out clearly, but it will not always be completed with JOY, obedience, and thoroughly, making mommy ask for a redo.

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