Sunday, June 11, 2017


"I'm BORED!" Isn't that a phrase that we so often hear out of our children's mouths, in the Summer especially? I am trying hard to suggest ideas or mandate non-negotioables in our home this Summer.  I cannot stand the sight of children just laying around or staring into a screen at all times.  It's LAZY and it produces a child with NO goals or drive.  I want to raise my children differently.  YES, I believe in relaxing, but not loafing. There's a huge difference.  I am training my children to be FUTURE adults.  LIFE is not all fun and games as a grown-up, so I am slowly training my children what real life feels/looks like. Below, is a printable I just created.  I desire for my children to be creative, play outside, read, exercise, and play with our family dogs.  There is 12+ hours in a day and this "BORED" printable will tie up 2.5 hours of the day. They will still have scripture memorization, chores, and personal hygiene requirements. After all of the above is complete, there is still plenty of time for fun and rest. Feel free to snag this idea OR you can create your OWN acronym for the word BORED! 
My hope is that this creates LESS boredom and MORE ability to spend their time wisely.  

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