Thursday, April 13, 2017

Planet Venus ~ Creamsicle Fudge

Tyson came home two weeks ago and told me that he needed to bake a food or dessert that represents his assigned planet... VENUS! I kind of "yes'd" him to death AND FORGOT! Whoopsie.  I need my own assignment pad.  So, yesterday around 2 p.m., Ty sent me a text that read "Mom, I need the vegetables tomorrow." Originally, Ty said, "I thought of something we could do.  Maybe Venus Vegetables!" I was TOTALLY thrilled he came up with his OWN idea, BUT... we wound up going a totally different route. This idea is an original of mine and NO WHERE on pinterset so I am super excited to share it with you. This idea was created and decided on two hours before we ALL hit the sack. Eek!

We decided to make CREAMSICLE fudge.  The coloring sort of represents Venus' coloring as it glows. It took about 20 minutes to "bake".
I used a small circle, fondant cutter to cut the fudge into the shape of a sphere.
My home was so WARM and the fudge was getting so gooey.  I cut out 28 pieces of fudge.
I found a Venus image on google: printed it to the size of the fudge, cut them out, and laid them perfectly on top of the fudge.
I loved the way it turned out.  It's incredible how fast and last minute this entire project happened.  
Planet Venus!
I let my kids taste test it this morning and I received a unanimous "Mmmm!"

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