Monday, April 10, 2017

Glenvar High School Prom ~ 2017

On Saturday, Glenvar High School had their prom and I was ask to capture the photos of Jake & Chynna.  We met downtown Roanoke and I did my best to capture Jake's FIRST/LAST prom and Chynna's Senior prom.  I am certainly not a professional photographer, but for some reason, they keep asking me to capture these special moments of them. I guess it's probably because I have been doing it "on the house" AND I guess it's fair to assume the end result is enough to satisfy them.  LOL!
I will for sure be charging from HERE on OUT though. This is time consuming and stressful... that deserves compensation right?  LOL!
I love you a bushel and a peck...
And a hug around the neck!
Whispering sweet nothings in her ear.... literally. HAHA! Maybe not! Only they will ever know.
Sweet forehead kisses.
I "pinky promise" you this will be a special night!
The below photo was so funny to capture! It was definitely just some innocent fun.  NO real smooching.  Making a few nose kisses.
Playing in the street!!! I'm pretty sure this is a crime.  LOL! Jay walking?!?!
We attempted an idea that I had, but someone didn't know how to blow a bubble.  Really?!
Only Jake could blow a bubble. So, he had to blow TWO bubbles, passing off his first one to Chynna.  It was just a dud of an idea because one of the bubble blowers ahem, CHYNNA (insert eye roll) never got a lesson on "How to blow a bubble!" I tried to throw in some creativity, but sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some.   
I was competing against the SUN, so I had to color some of these photographs to hide the sun. I AM NOT proud of these gum photos at all.  I just felt I needed to include them.
What a gentleman to carry her all the way back to the car after a ton of walking in heels.
That's a wrap!  Another pretend photo session down in the books.

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  1. I know you did the pics as a friend, but you are good enough to start a business. Many creative and lovely pics. I like the in the street ones, sidewalk ones, and using the letters to spell PROM the best.


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