Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Egg Coupons!!!

I am SOOOOO over candy.  I cannot stand how sugar addicted AMERICA is.  I allow my children to have candy, for sure.  I don't keep them in a bubble, BUT I only ALLOW it in moderation. It's usually as a reward, at the movies, or on special occasions such as Halloween. Typically, each September, I throw out about 50 pounds of candy, collected and left over from the year's holidays, to prepare for another Halloween.  Sigh... It's such a waste to throw it all out, but I cannot keep it all.  
Last year, I stopped filling those adorable plastic eggs with candy and instead I filled them with cash, trinkets, gift cards, lottery tickets, and jokes.  This year, I am adding COUPONS to the mix. I created these egg coupons to fit the dynamics of our family, but if they work for your family, please use them!!! 

We hope you have an EGG-cellent Easter! YES, Easter IS NOT about the Easter BUNNY.  It's about the LAMB of God, who takes away the sin of the world, to those WHO BELIEVE and turn away from their sin. The glorious news of Jesus, rising from the dead, WILL be our focus on Sunday (and everyday), but we DEFINITELY partake in some of the secular Easter fun! 
Above: I went ahead and left ONE page BLANK, just incase you would like to come up with your OWN coupon ideas.  My favorite page is the page BELOW.  There are 5 "rotten eggs" a.k.a. eggs that come NOT bearing gifts, STINKY I know, and ONE GOLDEN EGG coupon.  Yes, this egg will go into our OVER-SIZED GOLDEN egg, along with everything else that the winner will receive!! What, what?!?!?! ONE lucky child will get to "leave school TWO HOURS EARLY", for a private, 1-on-1 date, with their mommy!!
I pray your kids are NOT disappointed in this Easter egg filler/CANDY-ALTERNATIVE! To download these printable, click here: Easter Coupon 1, Easter Coupon 2, Easter Coupon 3, Easter Coupon 4, and Easter Coupon 5.

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