Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Baskets ~ 2017

Every Easter, we try hard to give our children their Easter baskets the NIGHT before Resurrection Sunday.  Church mornings are hectic enough and we don't need our children losing focus on getting ready or MORE importantly, losing sight of why we really celebrate Easter. So, on Saturday, we presented the baskets the Ty, Lilah, and Jax.  They were asked to hold hands/close eyes as I lead them to their baskets.  On the count of three, we let them open their eyes.  I love my children's reactions to things. I love seeing what excites them and what winds up being a "eh..." item.  Usually, we don't have too many "eh" items because I put tons of careful thought into what to put into their baskets.  
I love times like these because these three get along so well when they know they have to! LOL!
Ty's basket.
 Lilah's Basket.
Lilah's reactions are always priceless.  She belted out ALL 3 of these things at one point, within the hour she opened her basket: 1. "You are the best mom EVER!", 2. "I feel like I died and went to Heaven!", 3.  "This is like Christmas!!!" That's gratitude my friends, in a nutshell.  Hehe.
 Jax's Basket.  
Darren's Basket. I always get a basket for Darren, BUT it's usually a little more DRESSED up than this year's basket.  I ran short on time!  
 Lilah and Jax also received a beach gnome and mermaid "garden".  
I really think I just wanted this for myself.  I LOVE this entire set up and spent a good half hour in the aisle at Michael's Crafts, haha, carefully picking out items!
What was inside each basket? I try hard to document what was inside for several reasons.  1. I enjoy going back and seeing what I gave them year after year.  After all, I forgot what I did yesterday, much less 3 years ago.  2. I figure my viewers can use it as a reference/ideas for their own children's baskets.  What you see is NOT everything, but I couldn't fit everything in the collage, without distorting the images. But you get the idea....
Ty's items.
 Jax's items.
 Lilah's items.
 Darren's Items.
Even Sadie and Simon (our doggies) received some Easter treats.  They each got (3) of these tailwagger cookies: eggs, chicks, and bunnies.  
You are NEVER too old for an Easter basket!!! PS.  I cannot wait to share what Darren bought me!! 

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