Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas, From Our House To Yours!

Christmas cards are definitely a tradition of ours that we LOVE doing.  We try desperate to create an idea that will provide the receive with a great laugh and maybe a tear of joy. Last year, we DID NOT do Christmas cards.  I was so sad about it.  Time just slipped away and our ideas could NOT properly be delivered, so we opted out.  It was the FIRST year we didn't do a Christmas card since 2002. This year, I created an idea, an original idea. No Pinterest necessary.  LOL! It wasn't going to include a family photo, but at the last second, I decided to snap a pic of my kids (above) directly after church! Tack on the word "Blessings" and wala! I love how sweet it turned out.  

The main idea involved lottery "scratchers", as so many people have been calling them as they have texted to thank us!
I purchased 90 lottery scratch off tickets.  Of course, they had to be Christmasy!
 Then, I designed a printable, on my computer, which read: 
The happiest people in life are givers, not getters! What will you do? Scratch it or give it? We will never know!?! Good luck!!! #Proverbs21:26
I ran around town, like the crazy lady that I am, in search of some adorable envelopes that the lottery scratchers would fit in.  I found several that I liked, so I bought them all.  
I robbed Ty's piggy bank of 90 pennies.  I shined them up in vinegar and salt water.  Just like new!
I hot glued the penny to the exterior of the envelope.  You know, incase they needed something to "scratch" the lottery ticket with.  That cute little "Merry Christmas" sticker was added for Christmas cheer.  
I inserted BOTH the lottery ticket AND the tag about "giving".  
Here are a few more examples!
I'd love to know what people did with their ticket or if they won! LOL! I think everyone is afraid to tell me that they probably DID keep it.  Hehe.  We have been blessed immensely and our home is definitely a home that LOVES to give, after all, it feels so much better to give than to receive.  
In the mail they went, 8 days before Christmas.  That is far too late for my taste, but hey.... at least Christmas cards went out this year.
The Lord has been so very good to us.  I am beyond thankful for his daily grace, mercy, and forgiveness, aka salvation, but aside from that, I am especially grateful for the greatest earthy gift HE has given to me... those who live in this home on Millwheel Lane.  They drive me bonkers, frustrate me, and challenge me, but the joy and fullness that I feel with them could NEVER replace the emotions or feelings from a gift under the tree. Merry Christmas, from our house to yours!  


  1. Sound like a broken record- such creativity!!!!
    Will need to borrow this idea!

    1. You are so kind!!!! I love your comments. No matter what. Haha.


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