Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve @Grandad & Grandnee's Home ~ 2016

We had a lovely time at Grandad and Grandnee's home, on Christmas Eve! I was beyond thankful that they hosted a lovely dinner and I could sit still for 2 hours to enjoy PEOPLE and not the hecticness of "The Night Before Christmas!" The table was set beautifully and we had chicken, potatoes, rolls, salad, and I brought a homemade macaroni and cheese!
Before dinner, we had a small photo shoot, haha! The kids tore through their "presents".  They each got ONE gift and then Grandad and Grandnee loaded their wallets up with a crazy amount of cash. I hope to take the kids to the mall or to the Friendly Center in Greensboro for a day of shopping.  
For dessert, I brought our traditional Happy Birthday Jesus Cake! The kids and I make Him one every year, but it looks a little different.  This year, ours had the manger scene on it.  I also brought some homemade oreo bark!
We also enjoy spending time with Darren's parents!  Wonderful people, great memories...


  1. Looks like a fun time. Is that Greensboro, NC? If so, I attended undergrad there, met my husband there, and lived there from 1986-1999.

  2. My husband's parents live in Roanoke, but the friendly center is in Greensboro.


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