Thursday, December 22, 2016

Apple, Honey, & Goat Crostini

Our Sunday school class had a Christmas party, at the Maggi's house, two weeks ago.  Each of us "signed up" to bring a few things.  We all decided to bring appetizers, so when I spotted these delicious looking Apple, Goat, And Honey Crostini, on Giggles Galore's Instagram account, I decided to make them. They were simple to make, healthy to eat, and made a beautiful presentation, even better than my dang camera could capture.  

Pictured above:  Town House Flip Sides crackers, Goat Cheese, Ocean Spray Pomegranates, (1) Green Apple, Honey, and Walnuts.  

First, lay out approximately 30 flip side crackers. Second, spread a good amount of goat cheese over the cracker.  
Third, cut the green apple, using an apple corer, and slice each apple even THINNER! Place a thinly sliced green apple over top of the goat cheese.
Finally, sprinkle the walnuts and pomegranates over top of the apple and drizzle with honey!
These were truly a HUGE hit, but let me forewarn you... IF YOU DO THIS RECIPE in ADVANCED, your crackers will be moist, soft, and/or possibly saugy. I knew NOT to put the finished product in the refrigerator because I have had crackers, placed in the refrigerator, soften.  I thought the goat cheese would protect the cracker from the wet apple and the sticky honey, but it didn't.  I made these 3 hours in advanced and I would say that the crackers barely had a crunch to it.  There were ZERO complaints and all but TWO were gone! People were STILL talking about the awesome combination of ingredients, the next day, in Sunday school.  
 When Darren saw me making these, he said, "Ewe! What are you making?"  I told him and he said, "Why don't you make things I would enjoy?"  Haha.  He's so weird about fruit and cheese etc. put together.  I said, "The next recipes is for you dear!" So stay tuned... I will certainly be making these again in the future!

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