Thursday, November 17, 2016

There's A First Time For EVERYTHING!

LIFE has been so busy! Keeping up with three kids and THEIR three agendas is for real like TWO FULL TIME jobs.  Between doctors appointments, surgeries, hair cuts, book fairs, days off, basketball, football, banquets, birthday parties, playdates, extra curricular school activities, homework, packing lunches, doing their laundry, disciplining, bathing, and whatever else I have FAILED to mention, IT.IS.NO.JOKE. I have been enjoying Christmas decorating in-between all of the above, so I haven't made time to sit down and blog what the latest is and what's been happening in the BollingWith5 world.  Now that I am sitting down, I sure do miss blogging away. It's such therapy for me.  See that cutie pie above? Liley and her daddy decided together that she should try basketball.  I was fine with the idea AS LONG AS it didn't interfere with her dance classes and it doesn't... yay!!! 

Time will tell if this little spit fire is not only a singer/dancer, but also an athlete.  If anything, she will look super fly on the court in her new Under Armour kicks (pink and purple).  
Taken with my iPhone, here is a SMALL snap shot into her first practice.  I apologize for the poor image quality.
The coolest news of ALL is that more than HALF of Lilah's team are her bestest friends from church, who just happen to be in our small group.  Lilah has been friends with them since birth. From left to right: Ansley, Vivian, Kate, Julia, and of course my Liley!  Her coaches are Coach Brett (Ansley's daddy and Youth Pastor at our church), Coach Erin (Julia's mommy and Children's director of our church), and Darren will be helping out from time to time!!! He is also assistant coaching Tyson and Jax's teams.
Be on the look out for all kinds of fun cute pics and updates on both her progress and the team's progress.

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