Sunday, November 20, 2016

His First Cell Phone!

Middle School... sigh... where do I begin?  Truth is, Ty has NEVER looked back.  He has been running FULL SPEED since day ONE.  I can slowly begin seeing why people say, "There will be a time in your life where you will wish you could start ALL OVER AGAIN, even amidst the sometimes crazy chaos.  Don't wish it away!"  Ty is such a leader and a go-getter and he literally has a full time job between school, extra curricular activities at school, athletics outside of school, and youth group. He is in all Pre-Ap classes, receiving straight A's, he just finished up his role as Glenvar High School Ball Boy for the football team, in addition to being the quarter back for his own football team, and now we are already in basketball season, as he helps manage the Glenvar Middle School Basketball Team.  He is also in choir (go ahead a laugh, I did too) and will be in the school choir program in December.  Hehe.  This kid is B-U-S-Y.  Some days, he goes from 6:15 a.m. to 9:25 p.m. I don't see him the ENTIRE day. Anyway, we are proud and happy that he is enjoying middle school, rather than just existing there. With all of that being said, he had been asking for a cell phone, but I was really hoping to hold off until 7th grade.  It was apparent that as busy as he was, he really did need to have one. So... back in September, we decided to get Ty a cell phone. It was MORE for Darren and I, than it was for him truthfully.  The first step was for Darren and I to go shopping together, in search of a cell phone provider and type of cell phone to buy him, that would fit our desires/needs. Then, you know me, I HAD to come up with a clever way to present it to him.  I was running out of time because I wanted to give the cell phone to him the day we bought it.  I am sure there are hundreds of ways, on Pinterest, to surprise someone with a cell phone, but my idea is original that I know of, and his reaction couldn't have been more perfect.  

Take a look...

FIRST - I hooked up his phone and under the contacts setting, I installed my personal phone number and added a default picture to my name.  The photo was of ME with a really surprised look on my face.  You will see the picture, in the video, below. When I call Ty, the message reads, "MOM calling!"  
SECOND, I hid the cell phone on his bed's headboard shelf (behind a lap desk with his name on it).  Darren and I tucked Tyson good night and headed to our bedroom.  I waited several minutes before my next step. I wanted him to almost be asleep before the surprise took place.
THIRD, I called Ty's cell phone, with MY phone, while Darren recorded the Ty's reaction with Darren's phone.  See below.
FOURTH, Ty finds his phone, by following the ringing.  Looks at it.  And walks directly into my room to find me and hug me.  
It was seriously the sweetest moment between us in a long while.  He was super excited and was NOT expecting it AT ALL.  
Below is the entire moment in sequence!
We chose to stick with the cell phone provider WE use, which is Verizon, because we feel confident in their reception. We also chose to get him an iPhone 6s Plus. The iPhone 7's were just about to come out and the price had dropped by $200.00. It's also what Darren and I have. In hind sight, we probably could have gone with a cheaper cell phone provider, offering more GB for a cheaper monthly bill, but I need his service to be reliable and I am not familiar with any other cell phone companies and how their service reception is.  

It's really nice being able to get a hold of TY whenever we need to.  We have also downloaded the app, Life 360.  We are able to track Ty wherever he's at, have access to how much battery life he has, and whether or not his phone is turned on or off.  It's a good way to make sure your child is where they say they are going to be at all times. And as morbid as this sounds, in the event they are missing, you can very easily locate them. #Milestones

PS.  Back tracking.... a month before this happened, look who was counting his biggie bank in hopes of making his own cell phone purchase on his own.  He has a hard time realizing, it's NOT the purchase of the actual phone that is expensive... it's the monthly BILL!

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  1. You really go above and beyond with your creative ideas:) Those around you are so blessed!!! I know Ty will always remember how he was gifted his first cell phone!


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