Monday, November 7, 2016

Witch's Broom Stick Snack!

I know Halloween is over, but I have a blog backlog the size of Texas, so forgive me for having to still live in October when reading this post.  As homeroom momma, I quickly assigned myself to the "sweet treat" for the Halloween "celebration". I think the kids look forward to the sweet the MOST and it's the easiest item to be creative with. I decided to make some witch brooms that I originally spotted on Giggles_galore's Instagram account.  Her's were ADORABLE, BUT while there is NOT always time to re-invent the wheel... I prefer to at least reshape it.  I like to create MY OWN ideas, but sometimes there is NOT enough time for that.  This idea was so stinking cute and I just decided to put my own twist on it. I love with the way it turned out.  It's so colorful and witchey.  LOL! Is that a word?
Here's what you will need to make MY witch brooms:
1. Raffia - I purchased mine for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.  Love that store so much!
2. Colorful String - (Dollar Tree)
3. Paper Straws - (Walmart)  
4. Donuts (Or any snack, really, that will slide onto the straw)
5. Hot Glue Gun
First, cut at least 8-10 (6-inch) strips of raffia.  
Tie the strands of raffia together, in the center, using another piece of raffia or a piece of string matching the color of the broom bristles!
Fold the raffia together at the center.  Tie raffia together, creating a broom look, using a different piece of colored string. Finally, hot glue broom bristles aka raffia to the paper straw.  
String donuts on the witch brooms.  
I wound up doing 3 different flavored donuts before it was ALL said and done! I believe variety is the spice of life!!

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