Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sadie Girl Turns 2!!!!

Our sweet Sadie girl turned two on October 15th.  Of course that called for a doggie birthday!! Last year, we actually had invitations go out and a party planned.  This year, she just got her traditional cake and some gifts!!!
Last year's cake was made with the exact same ingredients: beef, oats, egg, and cheese. 
I divided the combination of ingredients into three MINI spring form pans.  It basically turned out looking like 3 cheeseburgers.
The "frosting" was vanilla mashed potatoes.  Last year's cake's frosting was peanut butter and banana!
Isn't this so fun?
I decorated the exterior of her cake with her favorite fruits: strawberries and bananas.  I used a mini heart-shape cutter to create a LOVELY look.
I love the way it turned out!
After blowing out her candles, LOL, she was able to eat THE ENTIRE THING! Eeeeek. See the videos below!
Next up, present time!
Then Sadie and Simon played with her gifts together.
Look how HAPPY she is!
Sadie girl shared her new toys with her brother, Simon.
We love Sadie so much!!! She adds so much joy to our lives!!! In human years, she's actually 14...now she is the oldest kid in the family. Hehe.  

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