Monday, October 17, 2016

Glenvar High School HoCo 2016

Over the weekend, I offered to take Chynna and Jake's homecoming photos! I am not a professional photographer and quite frankly, after this session, I do not know if my nerves could seriously handle doing this full time, BUT they seem happy with the end result, so I am happy that I was able to do this for them.
I enjoy taking the typical homecoming photos, but I also loved doing one or two fun/unique/creative ideas.  We used my backyard fence for the background and I had Chynna blow kisses to Jake.  I joked and said, "Preacher's boy said, No kisses until marriage!" Hehe.  
These two are a new "thing".  This was actually their second date.
Woah momma! If looks could kill or suck you in... this would be the one.  LOL!
Sweet moments!
Much laughter.
The moms came to help me with hair etc.  
S.W.A.G.  She wants a gentleman.  Real men hold their lady's shoes when their feet hurt.
Liley snuck in a picture with her favorite big girl!
Well, there you have it! From what I understand, the evening was fabulously fun!

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