Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Goodies!!!

STOP your endless searches for Halloween Party food ideas.  I have PLENTY of snacks that I have baked, created, designed, and served that I know you will LOVE!!! They are simple, affordable, unique, creative, fun and definitely impressive.  
From left to right:

1. Mummy Apples: A healthy treat and sweet treat all combined into ONE.  Wrap fresh apples with fruit roll up "foots!" Adhere Wilton candy eyes with frosting or peanut butter.

2. Edible Band-Aids: Graham crackers, cream cheese, and red frosting gel.  So fun!

3. Witch Hands: Fill up some plastic gloves with cheese popcorn and candy corns, creating the look of a witch's hand.

4. Jack-O-Latern Veggie Platter: Arrange some broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers on a circle platter to replicate that of a jack-o-later.  I added some ranch dip for the eyes and nose!

5. Apple Faces: Apple slices, peanut butter, caramel, or fluff, and mini marshmallows.

6. Frankenstein Sandwiches: Cut your out your sandwich using the frankenstein cutter.  Add embellishments or use edible ink markers to create your own fun face.

7. Jack-O-Latern Oranges: Draw, with a sharpie, a pumpkin face onto your mandarin orange cups.

8. Monster Donuts: Buy a dozen donuts, adhere Wilton's candy eyes, insert plastic vampire teeth and a piece of bubble gum! So spooky and fun!

9. Ghost Cheese: Scare your little munchkin by drawing a spooky face onto a white string cheese's wrapper.

10. Pumpkin Cuties: Peel a bag of clementine oranges and insert a piece of green licorice.  I found mine licorice at the Dollar Tree.

11. Jack-O-Latern Sandwiches: Using a pumpkin cutter, create a sandwich in the shape of a pumpkin . Draw a jack-o-later face and stem with edible ink markers.

12.  Pumpkin Pretzels: Orange chocolates, original pretzels, and green m&ms.  A candy store or the Fresh Market will carry bulk colored candy!

13. Mummy Juice Boxes: Wrap ordinary juice boxes with sports tape or gauze.  Adhere googlie eyes.  My favorite to date!!!

I hope this has helped you.  Be sure to use our blog's subject box to see ALL of these ideas in DETAIL!  Have a safe Halloween.

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