Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Trick Or Treat Ideas!

All of my followers are going to have access to a "sweet" & free Halloween gift today. I am sharing a printable with you! I am going to ask my children if they would be willing to forfeit trick or treating this year.  I am not really in the spirit to go crazy, creating unique costumes, and stressing out about it all.  SO, the alternative is for my kids to agree NOT to go trick or treating AND in return they can pick an item of their choice from any store they wish.  I DO NOT think they will agree to it. Sigh... BUT, if they DO agree to it, we will pass out candy as a family. I designed two labels today: Ghost Poop and Witches' Warts.  I plan to buy tic tacs, in bulk, at Sam's Club and attach these adorable labels to each pack of tic tacs.  So fun, right?  If you like the idea, then please do mimic it.  All you have to do is click on the links above, download the label, and PRINT! I cut each label out with a pair of scissors and attached the label using scotch tape.  These would also make adorable party favor gifts.  
If you cannot find green or white tic tacs, you could also consider making your own labels for the following:
Red: Vampire's Blood
Purple: Monster Scabs
Orange: Jack-O-Latern's Teeth
 Happy Halloween!

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