Saturday, October 15, 2016

Glenvar High Vs. Auburn Homecoming ~ 2016

Last night, my family and I went to the Glenvar High School Homecoming Game.  Shew, that was a mouthful.  We personally know several of the families who's kids were either in the game, on the cheer squad, and/or on the homecoming court, so I offered to snap some photos. I don't have some strange obsession with the blonde Chynna, insert crying emoji here, SHE is one of my girlfriend's daughters and I offered to capture the evening for them.  Below, Chynna rides in Berglud's $60,000 red corvette, in the parade.  The little one in the purple is her sister.  So sweet.
Chynna is a cheerleader, but she couldn't join in on the fun below since she is on the Homecoming Court.
Let the games begin!
I didn't take any pics of the game until the second half.  I just enjoyed being there and watching.
During halftime the winner of the homecoming court was announced.  
Chynna and Alec.
I love the pic below.
This was just half of the court.  I think there was literally 20 couples. What an honor to even just be nominated to be on the court.
Runner's Up...
The winner was the quarter back and his girlfriend... if they ever get married how cool to be able to say they won together.
Chynna with her momma and stepdad!
John-John #78 is our pastor's son! Check out this sequence of a rough tackle.
The photo below is my favorite pic of Chynna to date!  So sweet and cute.
Get'em John!
At the very end of the game Bradey #4, another son of a family who goes to our church, scored the final touchdown, making the final score 30 Glenvar to 3 Auburn. 
Way to go Bradey! Can you all believe he is in the 9th grade?!?!? Come senior year, he's going to be top dog.  Lol!
I'm still uploading ALL 147 photos that I took! If you would like to see ALL 147 of them, message me or email me.  I will send you the full photo album electronically! OR try clicking here.

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