Friday, October 14, 2016

Fort Lewis Fall School Photos ~ 2016

Fall photos happened this week, at the twins' school, and it's always tradition for me to snap a few photos of them, myself, just incase the school pic doesn't turn out great! Due to shadowing, Ty always ends up with a hearing aid? He's not the only one.  Haha. 

I purchased Lilah's dress, in August, at Nordstrom's and was waiting for the perfect moment for her to wear it.  Fall photos seemed like a good time.  This adorable "sweater dress" by Truly Me grabbed my attention the moment I laid eyes on it.  I think I actually was talking to myself in the store, haha.  When you take off the "sweatshirt" part of it, it's a tank dress.  I LOVE IT!  Jaxey is sporting a handsome flannel shirt by Cat and Jack (Target line).  He's so sweet and adorable.  I just love him!

We were rushing out the door to catch the bus, but I bribed my twin cuties with a lollipop if they'd let me take photo or two.  I hate that the only good photo of Jax is blurry.  Oh well.  

Second grade is going great.  Limited homework.  Love Mrs. Green.  Good Grades.  And No Issues so far.  
They are getting so big and growing up so fast.  It's really hard to believe that they are almost 8 years old.  
We are loving the cooler weather and I am looking forward to some Fall fashion :)

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